Fisher House Hero Miles Program

Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons has led the medical software firm MEDWEB since 1992. In addition to participating in industry conferences held by the American Telemedicine and American Medical Associations, Dr. Peter Killcommons supports military-focused nonprofits such as Laughs for the Troops and the Fisher House Foundation.

The Fisher House Foundation provides free accommodation for military members seeking medical care and their families. Every year, more than 1,000 families are able to stay in Fisher House facilities while their loved ones receive treatment at a VA center or military hospital.

Fisher House also provides families with free air travel through its Hero Miles program. Service members currently in treatment may qualify for free round-trip tickets to their hometowns or other important events. Alternatively, the Hero Miles program also offers family members free trips to approved medical centers or hospitals to visit injured or wounded service members. Since the program’s implementation, Fisher House has distributed more than $100 million in airline tickets.

AMA Welcomes Television Doctors in Salute to Medical Graduates

Drawing on almost 30 years of experience as the CEO of Medweb, Dr. Peter Killcommons runs a range of divisions, including radiology, and telemedicine. In addition, Dr. Peter Killcommons is involved in several philanthropic pursuits and is a supporter of the American Medical Association (AMA).

The organization has welcomed actors who portrayed medical professionals on-screen as they saluted over 30,000 students set to graduate this Spring. Dubbed the ‘AMA Tribute to the Medical School Class of 2020,’ the virtual event took place on May 20 and featured cast members from the television program Scrubs, among others.

Other participants during the event included U.S. surgeon general Jerome M. Adams, MD, and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony S. Fauci, MD.

The event was also led by the actor and comedian Brian Unger and was live-streamed on the AMA’s YouTube and Facebook pages. AMA President Patrice A. Harris, M.D., stated that the students are graduating into a medical field with unforeseen challenges, making it vital to celebrate their commitment to the profession.

Digitized Health Care for Japan’s Seniors

Medweb CEO Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons belongs to several professional organizations advocating for the expansion of digitized medicine, such as the American Telemedicine Association. Dr. Peter Killcommons has also worked tirelessly to support the implementation of innovative telemedicine approaches abroad, including business trips to Cape Verde and Japan.

In order to provide high-quality health care to an aging population, Japan has been a worldwide leader in digitized health care. The country is working on shifting its medical system from paper-based data collection to electronic health records. This will not only track individual health information accurately, but also serve as a rich source of data for health care analytics.

Telehealth has also expanded to include mental health counseling, such as with the web-based portal MHealth, which can connect people instantly to qualified therapists. Similar programs have been launched so that medical providers can check in with patients with chronic health conditions. IT companies are also developing app-based methods for ongoing vitals monitoring and diagnostics.

Benefits of Plasma Donation

In addition to leading the telemedicine company, Medweb, Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons is highly-involved with medically-focused nonprofits. Dr. Peter Killcommons has previously participated in international medical aid missions based in high-need developing countries such as Afghanistan and Haiti. He also supports the work of Catholic Charities and the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross organizes blood product donation drives across the country to provide hospitals and emergency medical sites with enough supplies to save lives. In addition to whole blood and platelet donations, the Red Cross requests donations of plasma, a blood fluid that contains essential proteins and antibodies. A single donor can provide enough plasma to save multiple people.

Plasma donations are used in many therapies to treat chronic immune system and blood clotting disorders. Proteins found in plasma also support the healing process in patients with severe burns. Donations can also be used for convalescent-plasma therapy, which uses naturally-generated antibodies to help patients fight off viruses.

Telehealth Improving Outcomes for COVID-19 Patients

The CEO of Medweb, Dr. Peter”Pete” Killcommons has been working in the telehealth space for decades. Dr. Peter Killcommons is also a dedicated philanthropist and has contributed both financial aid and medical expertise to struggling populations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo, and several other countries.

Amidst the COVID-19 health crisis, Medweb is offering free access to its teledermatology solutions for a minimum of 90 days. Telemedicine, as a whole, is proving to be an important resource during the pandemic by bridging the gap between physicians and patients, especially those showing symptoms, without increasing the risk of in-person transmission. Following up on respiratory infections daily is much easier and less risky with telemedicine providers.

Despite enormous benefits to both patients and healthcare workers, there are significant obstacles to its widespread implementation. Most hospitals and private practices aren’t equipped to deliver that kind of care. Policymakers and providers are trying to increase the reach of telehealth technologies but it’s an uphill battle on such short notice.