3 Reasons to Become a Member of the American Telemedicine Association


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American Telemedicine Association
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The chief executive officer of Medweb, Peter “Pete” Killcommons oversees company-wide operations, including running its radiology, disaster response, and telemedicine divisions. Among his professional activities, Peter Killcommons maintains membership with the American Telemedicine Association.

A nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., the American Telemedicine Association
(ATA) counts more than 10,000 healthcare professionals as members. It is the only association dedicated entirely to telehealth, and its members include a wide range of individuals working in the field of technology-enabled care. Here are three reasons to join the ATA:

1. Gain access to tools, content, and resources through the ATA resource library. Some examples of resources include the Business Connect virtual B2B marketplace, webinar recordings, e-learning programs, and practice guidelines, white papers, and reports.

2. Shape legislation as well as stay up-to-date on legislation impacting telehealth. Members receive access to the ATA’s monthly public policy webinar, updates on its regulatory activity, and its library of telehealth legislation.

3. Gain leadership experience by joining one of the ATA’s state forums, regional groups, and/or special interest groups.


A Look at ATA19

American Telemedicine Association pic

American Telemedicine Association
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A successful entrepreneur and telemedicine advocate, Dr. Peter Killcommons holds degrees from the City College of New York and an MD from New York Medical College. Dr. Peter (Pete) Killcommons serves as the founder and CEO of Medweb, a medical imaging and telemedicine firm located in San Francisco, California.

In addition to his work, Dr. Killcommons holds membership with professional organizations that include the American Medical Association and the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). A nonprofit association, ATA advocates for over 10,000 telemedicine industry leaders and professionals from its headquarters in Washington, D.C. The organization actively works to expand the visibility and utilization of telehealth for its membership through advocacy and events such as an annual conference.

The ATA annual conference, known as ATA19 in 2019, is scheduled for April 14-16 in New Orleans. The event offers an opportunity for attendees to enjoy the largest telemedicine event in the world. In addition to offering educational opportunities, ATA19 provides a leading networking platform for industry professionals. Moreover, conferees have access to an exhibition hall that features the latest telehealth innovations. For additional information on the event, visit www.americantelemed.org.

HDO Reliance on Telehealth Care Expected to Grow

Peter Killcommons

Drawing on decades of experience in the medical field, Dr. Peter (Pete) Killcommons currently serves as the chief executive officer of Medweb. Also the founder of the telemedicine solutions company, Dr. Peter Killcommons helps facilitate the delivery of web-enabled services for medical branches such as dermatology, ophthalmology, radiology, and other specialties.

A survey conducted in late 2017 revealed several trends regarding the reliance on telemedicine by healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs). The survey was sent to more than 300 clinical professionals in Canada and the United States.

Data shows that 75 percent of HDOs are using or are planning to use telemedicine solutions. Telehealth, in fact, is now among the top four investment priorities of HDOs.

The survey also found that while some patients are still reluctant to rely on telemedicine to address their health conditions, the number of receptive patients is expected to grow in the coming years years. This growth is due to the continuous development and exposure of telehealth practices and technologies.

School-Based Telehealth Programs Discussed during Recent Conference


World Cares Center’s Disaster Volunteerism Academy

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World Cares Center
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The founder and CEO of Medweb, a successful medical software and device company, Dr. Peter (Pete) Killcommons leads the company in providing disaster management and emergency relief services. Dr. Peter Killcommons and the company support numerous charitable endeavors, including the American Red Cross and World Cares Center.

Established as part of the relief efforts following the September 11 terrorist attacks, World Cares Center helps build community resilience by providing training and support in disaster management strategies. To that end, the organization operates the online Disaster Volunteerism Academy, which helps arm potential volunteers with the tools they need for success.

Self-paced classes are offered free of charge and cover topics such as risk reduction and emotional resilience during disasters. Additionally, classes provide technical training on disaster scenarios such as Ebola outbreaks and floods, with introductory and advanced courses in first aid and CPR. Volunteers are encouraged to follow up on their online training with an in-person session to practice skills they have learned.