Disaster Volunteerism Academy at World Cares Center


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World Cares Center
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Peter Killcommons, MD, is the founder and CEO of MedWeb, a medical imaging, teleradiology, and telemedicine company that offers products to medical organizations around the world. MedWeb supports many philanthropic missions, and Dr. Peter Killcommons also aids initiatives on his own. The World Cares Center is one of the causes Dr. Pete Killcommons personally supports.

Founded in 2001, the World Cares Center strives to create a community of organizations dedicated to disaster preparation and relief. One of the center’s many initiatives is its Disaster Volunteerism Academy, which provides practical training to individuals, community leaders, and disaster relief volunteers who seek to further their community involvement.

The academy delivers general readiness training, as well as courses at introductory, advanced, and leadership levels. At the advanced level, three courses are offered:

1. Comprehensive Flood Response Safety: Participants learn about environmental hazards, safety precautions, and the proper way to use various personal protective equipment (PPE). They also study home assessments, and the best methods for removing debris and mold from homes damaged by flooding.

2. Emotional Resiliency for Disaster Workers: The students are taught to recognize and evaluate signs of stress caused by working in this trying field, as well as learn stress management techniques. Students can choose to take a course designed either for those working in natural disaster areas, or areas affected by a pandemic.

3. Pandemic and Ebola Safety for Ancillary Volunteers: This course teaches students about pandemics and how to prepare for the emergency situations they may encounter, from precautionary practices to the proper actions to take should they inadvertently come into contact with the disease.

M-Health Use Poised for Continued Growth


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Based in San Francisco, Peter “Pete” Killcommons is the inventor of a Web-based radiology viewer and chief executive officer of Medweb. During a recent trip to Japan, Peter Killcommons worked to expand the use of m-health (mobile health) technology for in-home care of the elderly.

M-health refers to the use of mobile devices and wireless technology in health care. It has been used to educate users about preventive health care services in areas without adequate health care but large populations and good cellular coverage. It is also used for disease management and tracking epidemic outbreaks.

Patients can receive or transmit text or voice messages from health care agencies, and health care providers can receive timely data and collaborate with others.

Wearable devices such as Fitbit and smart watches are another trend in m-health. These devices can monitor a patient’s vital signs and thus avoid costly hospital admissions. They also come with apps that, when combined with telehealth services, are useful in preventing health risks.

Though already popular, the adoption of wearable devices is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 35 percent between 2016 and 2021 and reach over $60 billion. The primary drivers behind this increase are aging populations, the focus on reducing health care costs, and the availability of wireless data coverage.

The Hotels for Heroes Program of the Fisher House Foundation

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Hotels for Heroes
Image: fisherhouse.org

Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons has served as the chief executive officer of the medical software and device company Medweb. Under his guidance, Medweb has developed comprehensive disaster response and organized philanthropic initiatives. Dr. Peter Killcommons also personally contributes to multiples charitable nonprofits including the Fisher House Foundation.

The Fisher House Foundation is dedicated to providing free temporary lodging for families of active military personnel and military veterans who are being regionally treated for one or more medical conditions. The organization works through a network of 70 affiliated Fisher Houses that are located in or near military bases and VA medical centers.

The Fisher House Foundation also supports the military through auxiliary philanthropic programs such as Hotels for Heroes. Hotels for Heroes helps pay for hotel rooms for family members who do not find lodging in an official Fisher House. The program works through seven of America’s largest hotel chains to encourage hotel rewards members to donate their points to worthy recipients.

Three Places to Visit in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde


For more than 25 years, Peter (Pete) Killcommons has guided business operations as founder and CEO of Medweb, a telemedicine software and device developer in San Francisco, California. To expand the reach of telemedicine, Peter Killcommons has visited more than 50 countries, including Cabo Verde.

Also known as Cape Verde, Cabo Verde is a nation comprised of multiple islands off the coast of Africa. The country features a wide selection of beaches and unique landscapes as well as a variety of cultural sites. Here are a few to consider visiting:

1. Boa Vista. One of the lesser-known islands in Cabo Verde, Boa Vista sits roughly 400 miles off the African coast. Turtles nest there during the summer months, and there is no shortage of sand, which covers the majority of the island.

2. Porto Novo. This city on the island of Santo Antao is home to a large museum dedicated to telling the stories of African royalty. Government and colonial buildings complement the museum by adding to its history.

3. Fogo. Travelers arrive at Fogo when they fly to Cabo Verde. The island is home to Pico de Fogo, a volcano that tourists enjoy climbing. From start to finish, the climb takes about six hours.

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