About Peter Killcommons

SONY DSCSan Francisco-based Medweb is run by an accomplished professional staff, including founder and CEO Dr. Peter M. Killcommons. Along with many of his colleagues at Medweb, Dr. Peter Killcommons possesses advanced training in emergency management, disaster relief, school and school district preparedness, satellite communications, and renewable power solutions.

Dr. Peter Killcommons and the Medweb team have fostered the company’s development into a leading installer of telemedicine, teleradiology, and RIS/PACS systems by offering quality products and superior customer care. To date, Dr. Peter Killcommons and his staff have provided telemedicine platforms to some of the world’s most remote inhabited locations, including Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the island of Tristan da Cunha.

In addition to offering telemedicine services, Dr. Peter Killcommons and his colleagues at Medweb provide hosted integrated healthcare IT programs, Windows-based PACS systems, automated clinical screening suites, 3D/4D web-based diagnostic viewers, and digital orthopedic solutions. In order to provide customers with optimal care and quality services, Dr. Peter Killcommons and the Medweb team maintain a number of comprehensive service coverage plans, some of which include 24/7 telephone and online support. Dr. Peter Killcommons and his staff have provided more than 1,000 telemedicine and Tele-Clinics installations to locations around the globe.

When not occupied with his duties at Medweb or conducting volunteer rescue flights, Dr. Peter Killcommons supports the global community by donating time and resources to the American Red Cross, the World Cares Center, Catholic Charities USA, and the Fisher House Foundation, an organization supporting members of the military and their families. Learn more about the efforts Dr. Peter Killcommons and the Medweb staff at www.medweb.com.


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