Traveling to Cabo Verde, Africa


Cabo Verde, Africa pic

Cabo Verde, Africa

The CEO of Medweb since 1992, Peter (Pete) Killcommons draws on decades of experience in the medical field in areas ranging from radiology to disaster response. Throughout his career, Peter Killcommons has traveled to places such as Cabo Verde, Africa, to support the spread of medical advances such as telemedicine.

A former colony of Portugal, Cabo Verde consists of approximately a dozen islands off the west coast of Africa. These islands, originally formed by volcanoes, encompass a diverse range of scenery, including white sand beaches, mountains, deserts, and volcanic landscape. Sunny and warm throughout the year, they also offer an experience of indigenous culture.

With a history ranging from slavery to piracy, Cabo Verde has become a stable democratic republic. A lesser-known vacation site, its islands still retain their original unspoiled glory.

International airports stand on the islands of Boa Vista, Sal, Santiago, and Sao Vicente, but the other islands have regional airports and ferry service, so tourists can easily visit. The capital city of Praia, located on Santiago, also offers car rentals.


New York Medical College – MD in Medicine


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New York Medical College

Prior to becoming the CEO of MedWeb in San Francisco, California, Peter Killcommons attended City College of New York where he earned a bachelor of science in medicine. Peter Killcommons also attended New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York where he earned his doctorate in medicine.

Founded in 1860, New York Medical College is made up of three schools, which are housed on one campus. These schools include the following: The School of Health Sciences and Practice, The Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, and The School of Medicine. The medical college is responsible for training students from around the world in delivering compassionate and skilled medical care.

The medical education program for undergraduates at New York Medical College features theoretical knowledge, while also providing practical skills training to offer a more comprehensive learning environment for those who want to practice medicine. First and second year students receive a portion of their training in community-based, primary care settings to get the feel of a real medical environment.

Telemedicine in Cape Verde

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The chief executive officer of Medweb, a San Francisco-based medical-software-and-device company, Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons is an avid proponent of telemedicine, especially its use in developing nations to improve access to health care. Recently, Dr. Peter Killcommons traveled to Cape Verde, Africa, to study the results of the nationwide implementation of a telemedicine program.

Loosely defined, telemedicine is the use of information and communication technologies to provide health care services where distance and inaccessibility present considerable challenges. Based on these criteria, health care professionals decided to institute a range of telemedicine initiatives in Cape Verde, a string of islands off the western coast of Africa.

Initial analyses of Cape Verde’s telemedicine services indicated tremendous promise. From November 2011 to December 2013, researchers used a strategic approach known as “initiate-build-operate-transfer” to analyze data collected while Cape Verde adopted and instituted a national telemedicine network and virtual education network. In November 2014, Telemedicine Journal and E-health published the results of this study in an article that declared the launch of these networks “successful” and called the initial results “encouraging.”

A follow-up study, published in the NCBI journal Acta Medica Portuguesa in April 2017, looked at information from 2013 and 2014 to support claims that telemedicine has helped to significantly reduce existing health care inequalities in Cape Verde. However, it cautioned that not all of the success stories associated with telemedicine are supported by authoritative data.

Success for the First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress


First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress pic

First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress

As the CEO of Medweb, a San Francisco-based medical imaging company, Peter Killcommons, M.D., runs the radiology, telemedicine, and disaster response divisions and organizes the company’s philanthropy program. Pete Killcommons presented at the First Armenian International Congress on Telemedicine and eHealth held in Yerevan, Armenia, in 2011. He also donated a Medweb telemedicine system to the Armenian Telemedicine Association to aid in the development of medical services for rural and underdeveloped areas in Armenia.

The First Armenian International Congress on Telemedicine and eHealth brought in 287 people who took part in the event either in person or online. The Congress enjoyed success in several key areas. For the first time, renowned healthcare professionals gave lectures and presentations to individuals involved in Armenian Healthcare ITC. Speakers provided information on the current state of development and future prospects and reflected on the difficulties of building a program.

Armenians working in the field had an opportunity to showcase their experience and receive professional feedback. The Congress provided both domestic and international Healthcare ITC enthusiasts the opportunity to collaborate and develop partnerships, joint programs, and professional cooperation.

Laughs for the Troops Events


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Laughs for the Troops

Peter “Pete” Killcommons, CEO of Medweb in San Francisco, California, supports a number of charitable organizations dedicated to those who have served in the American military. Among other charities, Peter Killcommons donates to Laughs for the Troops, a nonprofit group that brings comedy to veterans returning from active combat.

An organization created to help ease the difficult transition between military and civilian life, Laughs for the Troops gives hope through humor to those suffering PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI). The organization also assists families through fundraising efforts conducted during their comedy events throughout the year.

Laughs for the Troops’ main event each year is the annual Funniest Night in America, a comedy showcase featuring four comedians. Members of the local community are encouraged to purchase tickets and join local servicemen and servicewomen and their families for an evening of comic entertainment. Another popular event is Comedy on the Greens, which allows interested golfers to play the links alongside comedians while raising money through team donations.