Disaster Volunteerism Academy at World Cares Center


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World Cares Center
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Peter Killcommons, MD, is the founder and CEO of MedWeb, a medical imaging, teleradiology, and telemedicine company that offers products to medical organizations around the world. MedWeb supports many philanthropic missions, and Dr. Peter Killcommons also aids initiatives on his own. The World Cares Center is one of the causes Dr. Pete Killcommons personally supports.

Founded in 2001, the World Cares Center strives to create a community of organizations dedicated to disaster preparation and relief. One of the center’s many initiatives is its Disaster Volunteerism Academy, which provides practical training to individuals, community leaders, and disaster relief volunteers who seek to further their community involvement.

The academy delivers general readiness training, as well as courses at introductory, advanced, and leadership levels. At the advanced level, three courses are offered:

1. Comprehensive Flood Response Safety: Participants learn about environmental hazards, safety precautions, and the proper way to use various personal protective equipment (PPE). They also study home assessments, and the best methods for removing debris and mold from homes damaged by flooding.

2. Emotional Resiliency for Disaster Workers: The students are taught to recognize and evaluate signs of stress caused by working in this trying field, as well as learn stress management techniques. Students can choose to take a course designed either for those working in natural disaster areas, or areas affected by a pandemic.

3. Pandemic and Ebola Safety for Ancillary Volunteers: This course teaches students about pandemics and how to prepare for the emergency situations they may encounter, from precautionary practices to the proper actions to take should they inadvertently come into contact with the disease.


The OST Program at the World Cares Center

CEO of the telemedicine technology distribution company Medweb, Peter Killcommons is in charge of the Radiology, Disaster Response, and Telemedicine divisions. Under the leadership of Peter Killcommons, Medweb develops products capable of working in less than ideal conditions. Moreover, Pete Killcommons supports the World Cares Center, which unites agencies and organizations to promote the emotional and physical healing of the responder community.

Headquartered in New York City, the World Cares Center works to advance collaborative and proactive disaster preparedness, resilient recovery, and response between community members and their emergency managers. The Out-of-School Time (OST) Program, one of the center’s grassroots readiness and response programs, is designed for children from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

The program enriches children’s lives with a combination of academic, cultural, and recreational activities after school, and during the summer and holidays. OST-run activities promote extended learning time and increased emotional and social learning. They also bridge the gap between students’ home and school lives. Participation costs students and their parents nothing, and the program schedules its activities to accommodate working parents.

According to the World Cares Center, students who participate in afterschool programs have a lower likelihood of dropping out of school than those who do not participate. Furthermore, they are almost twice as likely to graduate as non-participants. Participants have also been observed to possess higher educational aspirations than non-participants, and improved school attendance.