A Brief Overview of Programs and Services Offered by the WCC

A resident of San Francisco, California, Peter Killcommons is an experienced physician and the founder and CEO of medical software and service provision company, Medweb. Peter Killcommons invented web-based radiology viewers and has traveled to multiple countries to expand the use of telemedicine. Pete Killcommons maintains affiliation with numerous professional groups including World Care Center (WCC).

Established following the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001, WCC exists to provide crisis prevention and response training to underserved communities. The WCC offers a comprehensive range of educational programs applicable to individuals and families, organizations, and government. For example, numerous courses including General Readiness and Disaster Management 103 are offered through the WCC’s Disaster Volunteerism Academy (DVA) in online and traditional classroom settings.

Aside from educational courses, the WCC also provides hands-on training through the Ready Responders Network Boots on The Ground Exercise (RRN BOG) physical disaster simulation, to prepare individuals and leaders on how to respond. When disaster does occur, the WCC operates an online emergency operations center, the Ready Responders Network (RRN), to ensure individuals, experts, and volunteers can effectively communicate with one another during times of crisis to exchange vital information such as updates and resource requests.