Three Places to Visit in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde


For more than 25 years, Peter (Pete) Killcommons has guided business operations as founder and CEO of Medweb, a telemedicine software and device developer in San Francisco, California. To expand the reach of telemedicine, Peter Killcommons has visited more than 50 countries, including Cabo Verde.

Also known as Cape Verde, Cabo Verde is a nation comprised of multiple islands off the coast of Africa. The country features a wide selection of beaches and unique landscapes as well as a variety of cultural sites. Here are a few to consider visiting:

1. Boa Vista. One of the lesser-known islands in Cabo Verde, Boa Vista sits roughly 400 miles off the African coast. Turtles nest there during the summer months, and there is no shortage of sand, which covers the majority of the island.

2. Porto Novo. This city on the island of Santo Antao is home to a large museum dedicated to telling the stories of African royalty. Government and colonial buildings complement the museum by adding to its history.

3. Fogo. Travelers arrive at Fogo when they fly to Cabo Verde. The island is home to Pico de Fogo, a volcano that tourists enjoy climbing. From start to finish, the climb takes about six hours.


MedWeb Provides Telemedicine in Afghanistan and Armenia

La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club Image:

La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club

Physician and philanthropist Peter “Pete” Killcommons is the CEO of MedWeb, a company that specializes in mobile medical technologies that can work in developing countries all over the world. In 2011, Peter Killcommons visited Yerevan, Armenia, as a keynote speaker for the First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress and to donate a telemedicine system to the Armenian Association of Telemedicine.

The presentation focused on MedWeb’s work implementing telemedicine in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, at the Nangahar University Hospital and Nangahar Public Hospital. MedWeb has been to Afghanistan twice, both times in partnership with the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club, which has a sister city program in Jalalabad, and the Synergy Strike Force, a team of citizen scientists engaged in philanthropic causes.

The trips to Afghanistan provided a MedWeb Deployable Telemedicine Clinic, which includes a portable ultrasound, laptop, and MedWeb server, and also provided training on how to use the equipment. These portable clinics offer valuable accessible medical support in areas that may have been affected by war or natural disasters. The technology is designed to work even in situations where power and communications capabilities are limited. Donating such a clinic to the Armenian association may help provide support in underserved areas of that country as well.