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ATA Extends Its First Accreditation of a Telehealth Certificate

June 5, 2017


Dr. Pete Killcommons: The Global Possibilities of Telemedicine

August 15, 2013

In late 2011, Medweb CEO Dr. Pete Killcommons appeared as keynote speaker at the First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress in Yerevan, Armenia. There, he spoke on the potential benefits of telemedicine to the citizens of Eastern Afghanistan. In addition, he donated a complete Medweb system to the country’s telemedicine association, to be used in care of rural and underserved communities.

Across the world, telemedicine has already proven invaluable in extending medical care to communities far from traditional hospitals. In India, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has set up a network that has connected specialists in 22 hospitals with doctors in 78 remote care centers across the country. These have already had a significant impact, including the facilitation of telesurgeries directed by expert specialist surgeons. The same organization has also set up telemedicine centers in rural villages, which strive to support primary and ophthalmology care.

Tens of thousands of patients have already been served by this and similar systems. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated significant cost savings in the use of telemedicine, which relieves patients and families from the need to travel great distances for care. As the technology becomes more advanced, developments such as telediagnostics and monitoring of care will likely increase the efficacy of telemedicine as a whole.