Study Showed Telemedicine Reduced Transfer Rates in Cabo Verde

Peter “Pete” Killcommons serves as the CEO of Medweb, a platform providing diverse health care solutions for health care systems and medical professionals. Among his recent projects, Peter Killcommons traveled to Cabo Verde, Africa, to support the growth of telemedicine.

A 2020 study showed some of the results of the application of telemedicine in Cabo Verde. It analyzed the Cabo Verde Telemedicine program’s (CVTP) telemedicine consultations, transfer data, clinical specialty, and patient demographics between 2014 and 2018. The International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation launched the CVTP in 2012 to furnish telemedicine solutions in Cabo Verde.

Among its key findings, the study identified CVTP’s most popular telemedicine clinical specialties were in the areas of urology, cardiology, neurology, general surgery, otolaryngology, orthopedic surgery, dermatology, and endocrinology. Further, it revealed an overall 34.3 percent transfer rate. As research papers such as “Teledermatology reduces dermatology referrals and improves access to specialists” have noted, this low percentage shows a 65 percent reduction of in-person consultations as the result of implementing telemedicine solutions in the island country.

Traveling to Cabo Verde, Africa


Cabo Verde, Africa pic

Cabo Verde, Africa

The CEO of Medweb since 1992, Peter (Pete) Killcommons draws on decades of experience in the medical field in areas ranging from radiology to disaster response. Throughout his career, Peter Killcommons has traveled to places such as Cabo Verde, Africa, to support the spread of medical advances such as telemedicine.

A former colony of Portugal, Cabo Verde consists of approximately a dozen islands off the west coast of Africa. These islands, originally formed by volcanoes, encompass a diverse range of scenery, including white sand beaches, mountains, deserts, and volcanic landscape. Sunny and warm throughout the year, they also offer an experience of indigenous culture.

With a history ranging from slavery to piracy, Cabo Verde has become a stable democratic republic. A lesser-known vacation site, its islands still retain their original unspoiled glory.

International airports stand on the islands of Boa Vista, Sal, Santiago, and Sao Vicente, but the other islands have regional airports and ferry service, so tourists can easily visit. The capital city of Praia, located on Santiago, also offers car rentals.

Three Places to Visit in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde


For more than 25 years, Peter (Pete) Killcommons has guided business operations as founder and CEO of Medweb, a telemedicine software and device developer in San Francisco, California. To expand the reach of telemedicine, Peter Killcommons has visited more than 50 countries, including Cabo Verde.

Also known as Cape Verde, Cabo Verde is a nation comprised of multiple islands off the coast of Africa. The country features a wide selection of beaches and unique landscapes as well as a variety of cultural sites. Here are a few to consider visiting:

1. Boa Vista. One of the lesser-known islands in Cabo Verde, Boa Vista sits roughly 400 miles off the African coast. Turtles nest there during the summer months, and there is no shortage of sand, which covers the majority of the island.

2. Porto Novo. This city on the island of Santo Antao is home to a large museum dedicated to telling the stories of African royalty. Government and colonial buildings complement the museum by adding to its history.

3. Fogo. Travelers arrive at Fogo when they fly to Cabo Verde. The island is home to Pico de Fogo, a volcano that tourists enjoy climbing. From start to finish, the climb takes about six hours.