Fisher Houses and Their Benefits to Veterans and Military Families


Fisher House Foundation pic

Fisher House Foundation

San Francisco-based doctor and businessman Dr. Peter Killcommons oversees Medweb, specifically its radiology, telemedicine, and disaster response divisions. Apart from his philanthropic efforts through the company, Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons also supports charitable causes including the Fisher House Foundation.

The Fisher House Foundation is a service organization that provides free travel and shelter services to veterans and military personnel. In 1990, it initiated a program called Fisher Houses, a network of comfort homes located near VA medical centers nationwide that provides accommodations to the families of veterans and military while someone in the family is receiving treatment.

Currently, there are 65 Fisher houses located within the vicinity of 24 VA medical centers and 24 military installations. Fisher Houses are spacious facilities, measuring 5,000-16,800 square feet and have anywhere between 8-21 suites that can accommodate up to 42 family members. In 2015 alone, all Fisher Houses across the country catered to 27,000 families. To date, the organization has served over 270,000 families and has offered over six million days of lodging.


Fisher House Foundation Aids Military Families


Fisher House Foundation pic

Fisher House Foundation

The founder and CEO of, Peter Killcommons has created innovative telemedicine platforms that have been used in remote areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as in various United States military projects. Peter Killcommons supports a number of organizations dedicated to military service members, including the Fisher House Foundation, a nonprofit that provides free or low-cost lodging to veterans and their families while they are receiving medical treatment.

Among the Fisher House Foundation’s various assistance programs is Hero Miles, a program that allows individual airline passengers to donate their frequent flyer miles. The program utilizes the miles to purchase round-trip airline tickets for wounded and ill service members who are undergoing treatment at a VA or military medical center, or those who are attending an authorized event.

Tickets may also be given to close friends and family members who are visiting military patients at authorized medical centers. The Hero Miles program works in partnership with major airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Airways, and United Airlines. Since its creation in 2005, the program has helped more than 46,000 wounded and ill service members and their families.

The Hotels for Heroes Program of the Fisher House Foundation

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Hotels for Heroes

Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons has served as the chief executive officer of the medical software and device company Medweb. Under his guidance, Medweb has developed comprehensive disaster response and organized philanthropic initiatives. Dr. Peter Killcommons also personally contributes to multiples charitable nonprofits including the Fisher House Foundation.

The Fisher House Foundation is dedicated to providing free temporary lodging for families of active military personnel and military veterans who are being regionally treated for one or more medical conditions. The organization works through a network of 70 affiliated Fisher Houses that are located in or near military bases and VA medical centers.

The Fisher House Foundation also supports the military through auxiliary philanthropic programs such as Hotels for Heroes. Hotels for Heroes helps pay for hotel rooms for family members who do not find lodging in an official Fisher House. The program works through seven of America’s largest hotel chains to encourage hotel rewards members to donate their points to worthy recipients.

About the Fisher House Program

In 1992, Dr. Peter Killcommons founded Medweb. The company provides medical imaging and telemedicine services to patients around the globe. Medweb’s offerings include a disaster response division, radiology, and telemedicine. Additionally, Medweb hosts an extensive array of philanthropic programs. Dr. Pete Killcommons complements Medweb’s charitable work through affiliations with organizations such as American Red Cross and Fisher House.

A blend of public and private partners, Fisher House Program supports America’s fighting men and women who require medical care. Recognizing that military personnel are stationed all around the world, the program allocates donations for the construction of comfort homes, known as Fisher Houses, on major military and medical centers. Family members can then move into the Fisher Houses closest to the hospitals in which their loved ones are being treated, giving them a comfortable place to live while he or she is hospitalized.

Every year, Fisher House supports over 19,000 veterans and their families. The program does not charge living costs to families who reside at a Fisher House, enabling visitors to focus all their attention on their patient. In addition to building houses, the Fisher House Program sponsors various scholarships for children of military personnel.