American Telemedicine Association Partners with Global Charities


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American Telemedicine Association

Founder and CEO of the telemedicine platform Medweb, Peter Killcommons, MD, has offered medical aid in the form of guidance and Medweb services to various international communities. While visiting Jalalabad, Afghanistan, he assisted in installing medical equipment and training doctors. Dr. Peter (Pete) Killcommons is also a member of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).

With the mission of improving health care delivery around the globe, the ATA partners with international telehealth groups through its Global Partners program. Partnerships established through the program build a global alliance that can benefit worldwide health care via shared resources and joint projects.

Among its Global Partners projects, the ATA has set up a fund to raise money for international telemedicine charities. Donations are accepted for three charities: the Swinfen Charitable Trust, Icons in Medicine, and Project HOPE. ATA members as well as corporations, foundations, and individuals can donate to the fund. Contributions are either general or can be earmarked for one of the three listed charities.


An Overview of Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts


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Disaster Relief Efforts

As chief executive officer of Medweb in San Francisco, California, Peter “Pete” Killcommons manages the company’s radiology, telemedicine, and disaster response divisions. He has overseen the expansion of telemedicine in Cabo Verde, Africa, as well as home care for the elderly in Japan. In addition to his work at Medweb, Peter Killcommons supports various philanthropic organizations, such as the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross provides a number of charitable services, from frequent blood drives to life-saving CPR courses. The Red Cross also engages in disaster response efforts all around the world. Every 8 minutes, American Red Cross disaster relief personnel, 95 percent of which are volunteers, respond to an emergency, ranging from small accidents impacting single homes to natural disasters across multi-state regions. In total, the organization provides support on more than 63,000 unique relief efforts every year.

The Red Cross has provided continuous response in Haiti while also handling recent domestic events like Hurricane Matthew and Superstorm Sandy. Disaster response efforts also include awareness initiatives, such as the organization’s efforts to reduce deaths and injuries related to house fires, one of the most pressing dangers in the United States. Other common areas of focus include tornado relief, earthquake relief, and wildfire relief. To learn more about disaster relief services, including volunteer opportunities, visit

Laughs for the Troops Events


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Laughs for the Troops

Peter “Pete” Killcommons, CEO of Medweb in San Francisco, California, supports a number of charitable organizations dedicated to those who have served in the American military. Among other charities, Peter Killcommons donates to Laughs for the Troops, a nonprofit group that brings comedy to veterans returning from active combat.

An organization created to help ease the difficult transition between military and civilian life, Laughs for the Troops gives hope through humor to those suffering PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI). The organization also assists families through fundraising efforts conducted during their comedy events throughout the year.

Laughs for the Troops’ main event each year is the annual Funniest Night in America, a comedy showcase featuring four comedians. Members of the local community are encouraged to purchase tickets and join local servicemen and servicewomen and their families for an evening of comic entertainment. Another popular event is Comedy on the Greens, which allows interested golfers to play the links alongside comedians while raising money through team donations.

Disaster Volunteerism Academy at World Cares Center


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World Cares Center

Peter Killcommons, MD, is the founder and CEO of MedWeb, a medical imaging, teleradiology, and telemedicine company that offers products to medical organizations around the world. MedWeb supports many philanthropic missions, and Dr. Peter Killcommons also aids initiatives on his own. The World Cares Center is one of the causes Dr. Pete Killcommons personally supports.

Founded in 2001, the World Cares Center strives to create a community of organizations dedicated to disaster preparation and relief. One of the center’s many initiatives is its Disaster Volunteerism Academy, which provides practical training to individuals, community leaders, and disaster relief volunteers who seek to further their community involvement.

The academy delivers general readiness training, as well as courses at introductory, advanced, and leadership levels. At the advanced level, three courses are offered:

1. Comprehensive Flood Response Safety: Participants learn about environmental hazards, safety precautions, and the proper way to use various personal protective equipment (PPE). They also study home assessments, and the best methods for removing debris and mold from homes damaged by flooding.

2. Emotional Resiliency for Disaster Workers: The students are taught to recognize and evaluate signs of stress caused by working in this trying field, as well as learn stress management techniques. Students can choose to take a course designed either for those working in natural disaster areas, or areas affected by a pandemic.

3. Pandemic and Ebola Safety for Ancillary Volunteers: This course teaches students about pandemics and how to prepare for the emergency situations they may encounter, from precautionary practices to the proper actions to take should they inadvertently come into contact with the disease.

New Fisher House Slated for Columbia, Missouri

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Fisher House Foundation

Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons currently serves as the CEO of MedWeb, a company that specializes in mobile medical technologies that can be deployed in developing countries. Outside of his professional life, Peter Killcommons is a longtime supporter of Fisher House.

Fisher House Foundation recently announced the selection of 14 new sites to place Fisher Houses, including Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. Similar to the mission of Ronald McDonald Houses, Fisher Houses provide families crucial support by allowing them to live free of charge while their loved ones are receiving inpatient hospital treatment at VA medical centers.

Truman Memorial spokesman Stephen Gaither said that the hospital sees veterans from 43 surrounding counties, meaning that some families have to travel long distances for their loved ones to receive treatment. Fisher House Foundation president Dave Coker said he believes the Columbia Fisher House could begin construction as soon as 2018. Thus far, Fisher House Foundation is responsible for a total of 71 houses built near VA hospital facilities and military bases.