Telehealth Usage and Investment Enhanced During Pandemic

A graduate of the New York Medical College, Peter Killcommons is the chief executive officer of Medweb. He dedicated his career to developing medical technologies to help people in underserved areas receive medical treatment. At Medweb, “Pete” Peter Killcommons provides clients with telehealth technologies.

Telehealth benefited from much exposure during the Covid19 pandemic, garnering investments from multiple companies. According to statistics, telehealth was used 78 times more in April 2020 than in February 2020, and although April was the peak, telehealth stabilized at 38 times more usage in 2021 than in February 2020. This mostly happened because hospitals and healthcare facilities tried to find safe solutions to diagnose and treat people without contracting the virus.

With increased usage, companies made investments of up to three times more capital in telehealth in 2020 than in 2017. Countries such as China invested in many apps and technologies to enable people receive diagnosis without coming to a facility for a physical assessment of their symptoms.