An Overview of the ATA 2021 Annual Conference and Expo

Dr. Peter Killcommons is a San-Francisco-based philanthropist and entrepreneur. In 1992, he founded Medweb, an industry-leading company providing web-enabled telemedicine services. Pete Killcommons MD maintains affiliations with the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) to complement his professional activities.

Established in 1993, the American Telemedicine Association is a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the industry of telemedicine through advocacy, partnerships, community, and the provision of educational resources. As part of its objectives to provide education and community, the ATA hosts an annual conference & exposition.

The 25th edition of the ATA Annual Conference & Expo, like its predecessors, gathered telehealth providers, tech developers, and other telehealth-related professionals for a healthy discussion on the current trends and the possible future of the telehealth industry. The theme of the ATA 2021 conference, Telehealth: Enabling Flexible, Inclusive, and Contemporary Care Delivery, encouraged the participants to build upon industry lessons learned so far and target significant and persistent challenges within the industry. The program featured over 150 speakers across 100 sessions on specific topics such as remote monitoring in telemedicine, telemental health practice, and technology options for healthy aging.