NYMC Receives Funds from HECap Matching Grant Program

Close up scientist working with microscope Free Photo

Based in San Francisco, California, Dr. Peter Killcommons serves as the CEO of Medweb, a system of medical imaging software. Dr. Pete Killcommons was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle for his efforts to use the Internet in medical imaging. Dr. Peter Killcommons earned his medical degree from New York Medical College (NYMC).

In March 2021, NYMC received $2.2 million in funding from the Higher Education Capital (HECap) Matching Grant Program. The program aims to improve the educational infrastructure of New York-based nonprofit private colleges and universities by supporting new laboratory spaces and advanced technological equipment. According to the program’s conditions, university campuses must spend $3 of their budget for every $1 they receive from state funding.

NYMC will allocate the money toward an open-concept laboratory in the Basic Sciences Building. The goal is to create a shared space in which multidisciplinary research teams can work together, which will encourage students and researchers to participate in collaborative research. The new laboratory will include spaces for microscopy, flow cytometry, and mass spectrometry, among others.