ATA Conducting Research on Accelerated Adoption of Telehealth

Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons has decades of experience as a healthcare executive running Medweb, a medical technology and telemedicine company based out of San Francisco, California. An advocate for telehealth, Dr. Peter Killcommons donates telehealth equipment to hospitals across the world and is a member of the American Telehealth Association (ATA).

As an organization completely committed to advancing telehealth, the practice of medicine delivered via electronic and communications technologies, ATA is running initiatives geared toward educating health industry stakeholders on the benefits of telehealth and how it can support value-based care. Two of its current initiatives are research projects on the future of virtual care and the importance of training clinicians on the effective use of telehealth.

The future of virtual care is being driven by changing patient preferences that favor individualistic care models. Virtual visits, virtual consultationss, and remote monitoring are gaining traction while hospital footprints are contracting. As new technologies are developed, more diagnosis and care will occur at home. ATA will conduct research to gather healthcare practitioners’ predictions for the future of virtual care.

With regard to clinician training, ATA believes that organizations that train clinicians on the effective use of telehealth will enjoy the greatest rewards in the coming years. While telehealth has been in existence for over three decades, ATA opines that the shift to a value-based model of care as well as technological advancements will thrust telehealth to the core of healthcare delivery, proving its value over conventional care models. However, trained clinicians will be integral to coordinating care through the new model. ATA will conduct research to ascertain whether organizations that do this will enjoy greater benefits in the future.