ATA Support Changes to Make Remote Monitoring and Telehealth Permanent

The CEO of Medweb in San Francisco, California, Peter “Pete” Killcommons, MD runs a company that focuses on radiology, telemedicine, and disaster response, in addition to supporting a philanthropic platform. In addition to his work at Medweb, Peter Killcommons, MD is also involved with the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), an organization that promotes the adoption of telehealth.

In a September 2020 press release, the ATA supported the advocate of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to increase access to telehealth for the Medicare and Medicaid programs to expand its impact on underserved communities. With the pandemic health emergency as the backdrop, CMS has been at the helm of expanding telemedicine, including some CMS regulations, making it accessible for many. In light of the flexibility, CMS seeks to make these regulations permanent in addition to streamlining some regulations that are not consistent with current practice.

The ATA is poised to work with the CMS on these issues while focusing on a few key areas. The areas include finding ways to expand both telehealth providers and services, modifying remote monitoring services, and fitting telehealth in federally qualified and rural health facilities.