Fisher House Hero Miles Program

Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons has led the medical software firm MEDWEB since 1992. In addition to participating in industry conferences held by the American Telemedicine and American Medical Associations, Dr. Peter Killcommons supports military-focused nonprofits such as Laughs for the Troops and the Fisher House Foundation.

The Fisher House Foundation provides free accommodation for military members seeking medical care and their families. Every year, more than 1,000 families are able to stay in Fisher House facilities while their loved ones receive treatment at a VA center or military hospital.

Fisher House also provides families with free air travel through its Hero Miles program. Service members currently in treatment may qualify for free round-trip tickets to their hometowns or other important events. Alternatively, the Hero Miles program also offers family members free trips to approved medical centers or hospitals to visit injured or wounded service members. Since the program’s implementation, Fisher House has distributed more than $100 million in airline tickets.