Digitized Health Care for Japan’s Seniors

Medweb CEO Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons belongs to several professional organizations advocating for the expansion of digitized medicine, such as the American Telemedicine Association. Dr. Peter Killcommons has also worked tirelessly to support the implementation of innovative telemedicine approaches abroad, including business trips to Cape Verde and Japan.

In order to provide high-quality health care to an aging population, Japan has been a worldwide leader in digitized health care. The country is working on shifting its medical system from paper-based data collection to electronic health records. This will not only track individual health information accurately, but also serve as a rich source of data for health care analytics.

Telehealth has also expanded to include mental health counseling, such as with the web-based portal MHealth, which can connect people instantly to qualified therapists. Similar programs have been launched so that medical providers can check in with patients with chronic health conditions. IT companies are also developing app-based methods for ongoing vitals monitoring and diagnostics.