Benefits of Plasma Donation

In addition to leading the telemedicine company, Medweb, Dr. Peter “Pete” Killcommons is highly-involved with medically-focused nonprofits. Dr. Peter Killcommons has previously participated in international medical aid missions based in high-need developing countries such as Afghanistan and Haiti. He also supports the work of Catholic Charities and the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross organizes blood product donation drives across the country to provide hospitals and emergency medical sites with enough supplies to save lives. In addition to whole blood and platelet donations, the Red Cross requests donations of plasma, a blood fluid that contains essential proteins and antibodies. A single donor can provide enough plasma to save multiple people.

Plasma donations are used in many therapies to treat chronic immune system and blood clotting disorders. Proteins found in plasma also support the healing process in patients with severe burns. Donations can also be used for convalescent-plasma therapy, which uses naturally-generated antibodies to help patients fight off viruses.