ARMTELEMED: Road to the Future



With a degree in medicine from New York Medical College, Peter Killcommons went on to found Medweb, a company that provides telemedicine and teleradiology technology all over the world. Having provided medical help through this technology in Kosovo and Afghanistan, Peter “Pete” Killcommons was invited to be a keynote speaker at the First Armenian International Telemedicine Congress in Armenia in 2011.

The congress, which was titled “ARMTELEMED: Road to the Future,” was held over two days in October in Yerevan, Armenia. Participants totaled 287 people, almost a fifth of whom were from outside the country. Twenty organizers, 22 sponsors, and 76 students were also in attendance. Fifteen of the 19 invited keynote speakers were international participants representing 20 different nations. Speakers included professor Maurice Mars, president of the South African Telemedicine Association; Dr. Richard Scott of the Office of Global e-Health Research and Training Program from Canada’s University of Calgary; Dr. Mikhail Natenzon, who is president of Russia’s National Telemedicine Agency; and Jonathan Linkous, American Telemedicine Association’s CEO, who of course offered his presentation using a video conference.

The participants provided glowing feedback about the conference, and there was a great sense of excitement about the potential for growth in the e-health and telemedicine field for Armenia in the years to come.